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The help center is your source for information about Sportbet. We provide real-time customer support and are available around-the-clock to assist you with any questions or problems. For quick answers, go to the Live Chat option. We are also available by e-mail and toll free 1-800-430-5896. Customer service is our top priority at Sportbet, and we'll be happy to assist you.


Q: I am 17 years old. Can I wager?
A:  All customers of Sportbet must be at least 18 years old.

Q: What are your hours of operation?
A:  We are open for wagering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also have trained customer service representatives available around the clock.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: The first casino in Sportbet went online in 1996.

Q: What does it cost to join Sportbet?
A:  There are no membership fees or cost to join.

Q: How do I get started?
A:  To register, completely fill out our registration form. Once you have verified your email, you may log in to create your 4-digit PIN to contact Customer Service, then fund your account or play free casino games.

Q: What is the 4-digit PIN? Why do I need it?
A: The 4-digit PIN is a verification code that confirms your identity with us when contacting support. To receive live assistance from our representatives through phone, email or Live Chat you must provide your account number and 4-digit PIN ONLY.

Q: Can I get a reference?
A: Visit our testimonials page It is full of actual statements from Sportbet players.

Q: Why am I having problems logging in?
A: Make sure you are using the correct username and password combination. Usernames have a format similar to SB11234. Remember your password is case sensitive and some browsers tend to capitalize the first letter when typing the password. If you continue to experience problems, contact Customer Service via Live Chat or call us to 1-800-430-5896.

Q: Can I change the password on my account?
A: Yes. Sportbet recommends changing your password at least every 60 days. To change your password, log into your Sportbet account using your current Username and Password. Click on "Account" from the top navigation menu, then on Security Settings, and click on "Change password". Afterwards, click "Send Link" in order to receive a verification link to the email address we have on file for you. Once you receive this email, simply click on the link included to complete the identity verification process. The next step will send you to Sportbet homepage where you must log back into your account with your current Username and Password and you will be immediately prompted to change your password. After this process is completed, the new password will NOT be displayed at any time. Please make sure you write it down correctly, taking in consideration your password is case sensitive.

Q: I just updated my password; do I have to enter the password AND 4-digit PIN combination to login to the website?
A: No. There is no scenario in which you will be asked to enter your password AND 4-digit PIN. Use your password to exclusively login to the website. And remember, do not share your password, not even with our Customer Support services. The 4-digit PIN is meant to be used in combination with your account number at the time you contact our support services ONLY.

Q: What is the procedure if I want to close my account?
A: If for any reason you wish to close your account, it is easy to do. Simply go to the cashier inside the casino or sportsbook and request a refund. We will immediately refund your balance, less applicable withdrawal costs. Should you wish to play with us again, reinstating your account also is very easy. Please use Live Chat , email or call 1-800-430-5896.

Login Issues

Q: I forgot my account number and/or password, how do I recover my login information?
A: By using the Login Information Recovery tool available on the website login box, you will be able to recover your login details. If you still cannot regain access to your account, or if you experience any problems, contact Customer Service via Live Chat or call us to 1-800-430-5896.

Q: I forgot my 4-digit PIN. How do I recover it?
A: In order to recover your 4-digit PIN, please contact Customer Service via Live Chat or call us to 1-800-430-5896. You will be asked to confirm your account information, and if the data provided is correct, the 4-digit PIN will be sent to the email associated to your Sportbet account.

Q: : I am being asked to change my password after I login to my account, but I do not want to change it. Can I change my password to one I have previously used?
A: Forced password changes may be periodically sent to our customers in order to maintain our customers? account security. Previously used passwords cannot be submitted again. There is a maximum of three password changes in a 24-hour period. If you need additional information or help, contact Customer Service via Live Chat.


Q: Which wagering services do you offer?
A: Sportbet offers players a full sportsbook (Sportsbook Main) with 30% SUPER SAVER offerings and Live In-Play Wagering as well as another in-game betting option, Live Betting Extra. You will also find an incredible variety of casino gaming options including some with Live Dealers as well as poker options, skill gaming, and a complete Racebook.

Q: What sports can I bet on?
A: Our wagering options are extensive. Just some of the sports available for wagering include, but aren’t limited to, NFL, CFL, NCAA Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, NHL, MLB, Motor Sports, Boxing, UFC, MMA, Soccer (All Leagues), Tennis, Golf, Horse Racing, Volleyball, Snooker, Cricket and many more.

Q: What types of sports wagers do you offer?
A: We offer straight bets, totals, if bets, rolling if bets, Asian handicaps, round robins, reverses, pleasers, parlays, propositions and an amazing selection of teasers/progressives.

Q: Do you offer Live In-Play wagering?
A: Yes, the Sportsbook Main offers Live In-Play Wagering on the Internet only. Wagering options during each commercial are provided on the following leagues: NFL evening and playoff games, NCAA football nationally televised midweek games, select conference championship games and all bowl games, NBA nationally televised games and playoff games, MLB Sunday evening games and playoffs, ATP and WTA nationally televised matches. Live In-Play wagering is not available over the phone call center.

You will also find in-game betting on additional games and events through Live Betting Extra. Live Betting Extra offers a variety of in-game options every single day.

Q: What is the minimum amount I can wager?
A: You may play the casino games for as little as 5¢. The minimum bet in the sportsbook online is 50¢. 50¢ minimum on all exotic wagers. $25 minimum deposit with Bitcoins and you can wager on overnight basketball, hockey, baseball lines and more!

Deposits, Payouts and Fees

Q: Is the money in my account U.S. Dollars?
A: Yes, all customer funds are maintained in United States currency.

Q: Can I deposit using a Credit/Debit Card?
A: Yes, after you log into your Sportbet account, click on the Cashier link from the top menu. Select to make a deposit and click on any of the options listed on the Credit Card section. Follow the instructions and make sure you fill the information correctly. Only credit cards under the name of the account holder will be accepted. Transactions processed using third party cards are deemed as high risk and will ban your account and personal information from future credit card deposits. This option is currently available for customers from several countries. The minimum deposit is $50 and the maximum is $500.

Q: Do you have staff located near me, that can take my money and pay me my winnings?
A: : All transactions take place online. Funds can be sent to you in a variety of ways. Visit our Funding Methods page for more information. Your funds can arrive right at your doorstep or in your bank account.

Q: How can I make a deposit?
A: Currently we accept a wide selection of funding methods. For complete depositing details, visit our Banking Center.

Q: How can I make a withdrawal?
A: Withdrawals can be requested via a wide selection of methods. Withdrawals are available 7 days a week. Please visit our Funding Methods page for details and applicable fees.

Q: Are Person to Person payouts or payments through banking institutions ever free of charge?
A: Redemption requests processed on your free payout day between 9:00 AM EST and 1:00 PM EST, may be free of transaction fees only if your account is eligible it. Payment methods with a fee of $80 or less will be processed free of charge if no payouts have been sent in the previous 30 days and if sent on your free payout day. You are allowed one free withdrawal every 30 days only. If you wish to wait until your free payout day to have your redemption processed, please contact Customer Service via Live Chat or call 1-800-430-5896. Monday is the defaulted free payout day and customers may change it to any other day only ONCE. Any payout request that does not qualify to be sent for free will be processed having the corresponding fees applied without exceptions. Visit our redemption rules and reload restrictions page to learn more.

Q: My electronic deposit was denied, why did this happen?
A: Management reserves the right to allow or deny electronic funding methods or other features offered in our sites when issues with offshore establishments are reported to be related to your account (regardless if these reports are valid or invalid).

Q: Do you offer free withdrawals?
A: Redemption requests processed on Mondays between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM ET may qualify to be sent free of charge if no payouts have been processed in your account during the past 30 days. You are allowed ONE free withdrawal every 30 days only. If you have received a withdrawal from Sportbet in the past 30 days you are NOT eligible for a free withdrawal. If you wish to wait 30 days and until a Monday to have your redemption processed for free, you must contact Customer Service at the time of your request via Live Chat . You may also call 1-800-430-5896. Any payout request that does not qualify to be sent for free will be processed having the corresponding fees applied without exceptions. Visit the Deposit Methods page for details on specific withdrawal methods and fees associated with them.

Q: I was paid through Credit/Debit card refunds instead of the payment method I chose, why is that?
A: Upon Management's discretion your Credit/Debit card deposits could be refunded as part of a payout when cashing out. Credit/Debit card refunds could incur in a fee of $10 up to $45 per individual Credit/Debit card charge.

Q: Can I bet on credit?
A: All wagering requires funds to be posted to your account in advance. Sportbet is only responsible for settling account balances which begin with SB or AF. Any other account prefix is not the responsibility of Sportbet.

Q: Are my winnings reported to any government agency?
A: Absolutely not.

Q:What about taxes?
A: We cannot give you tax advice. We have players from many countries around the world. We recommend you seek the advice of a qualified advisor in your country of residence.

Person to Person Deposits and Fees Associated

Q: How long does it take for my Person to Person deposit?
A: Person to Person deposit confirmations take from 20 minutes to 2 hours under normal circumstances. The time starts counting from the point the confirmation number is entered into the system.

Q: How much do I need to deposit to be reimbursed my person to person deposit fees?
A: The minimum amount for the reimbursement of the fees is $250. Inform the Customer Service representative of the exact fee amount when giving the deposit details.

Q: The fee on my deposit has not been added and I have already started wagering. Is it too late to get it added?
A: No. The fee on eligible deposits may be added at any time after the deposit is posted.

Q: Why sender names & receiver names must be perfectly spelled when processing the P2P transaction?
A: Our P2P processing system does not accept sender or receiver’s name changes due to internal security policies. Even if the update consists of changing only one single letter, you will not be permitted to have that information updated. Any character differences on the sender field will force you to cancel the transaction at your expense. In some instances, you will be permitted to amend receiver name information at the P2P location. If the P2P issuer will not permit a change to receiver name information, this will force you to cancel the transaction at your expense and restart a new one.

Q: I am banned from using Person to Person money transfers by the transaction agency. May I use a fake name?
A: No, you definitely cannot use a fake name. The Person-to-Person money transfer agency may request your photo ID at any time. Therefore, we recommend asking someone you trust to help you with the transaction, as you may under management approval; use a third party sender or receiver. To validate this trusted person you must send both picture ID's via email to, confirming this person as your authorized receiver for person-to-person payout transactions. Sportbet will not be held responsible for funds lost due to blacklisted senders.

Q: The games are about to start and my person to person deposit has not cleared yet. Can I place a conditional wager to be entered after the deposit is posted?
A: No, wagers may be placed until a deposit is verified by the agency responsible for confirming the transaction. Keep in mind that during peak wagering periods, confirmation times may be longer than usual. Plan to get your deposits in early to avoid missing out on any selections.

Credit/Debit card Deposits

Q: How long does it take a card to be validated?
A: On regular basis, the verification process may take from 45 minutes up to 2 hours. Upon discretion of our credit/debit card Department, additional information and or documentation may be required. For Payouts purposes, validation must be up to date in order to get your payout request underway. The Fraud Department will email you if any documents are yet to be submitted. Customers will have up to 24hrs to respond to this email with the required documents. Payouts requested with incomplete verification will be declined.

Q: What is the Validation Process?
A: It’s a Fraud Prevention measure in which the Fraud Department contacts the customer's bank to confirm that the name and the address provided is the same information that the bank has, as well as the verification of all the information on file.

Q: Are there any fees for depositing with a credit or debit card?
A: There are no fees charged by Sportbet for using your Credit/Debit card directly with us. However, your bank might charge fees for international transactions, we recommend for you to check with your issuing bank before making any transaction.

Q: Are there restrictions for depositing via credit/debit card?
A: You will be required to VERIFY your account. In order to this you mustprovide us with scanned copies of your legal picture ID, both sides of your cardand you must fill out an authorization form that will be sent to your emailaddress on file (make sure all documents are sent in separate attachments).Other information may be required (Utility Bill, Void Check, Bank Statement,etc) prior authorizing your account for payouts. Also, after the data sent has been analyzed, your account might be set to have payouts processed only in theform of Credit/Debit card refunds of approved transactions. Credit/Debit card refunds areprocessed upon discretion of the Credit/Debit card Department only, and may incur ina fee of $10 up to $45.

Q: Which features are considered third party vendors?
A:  Third party vendors include: Poker Rooms, Blackjack Tournaments, Skill Games, and Sports Pools.

Q: Are there restrictions to make a payout after depositing via credit/debit card?
A: Prior payouts, you will be required to VERIFY your account. To complete this process, please login to your sports account, from the "Account" dropdown from the top menu, click on "Credit/Debit Card Authorization" and fill out the form accordingly. In addition, your account might be set to have payouts processed only in the form of credit/debit card refunds of approved transactions. Credit/debit card refunds are processed upon discretion of the credit/debit card Department only, and may incur in a $45 fee.

Q: Can I use the credit/debit card of someone I know to deposit funds in my account?
A: No, the card must belong to Sportbet account holder; no third party deposits are permitted. Transactions processed using third party cards are deemed as high risk and will ban your account and personal information from future Credit/Debit card deposits.

Q: Can I use a credit/debit card to open my account?
A:  Yes, you can. Login to your Sportbet account and click on the Cashier link from the top menu. Select to make a deposit and click on any of the options listed on the Credit Card section. Follow the instructions and make sure you fill the information correctly.

Q: Can I receive a bonus if I deposit with a Credit/Debit card?
A: Yes. You may choose to register to the Free Play Rewards program in order to receive a reward for your deposit, or you may choose to receive one of our Casino promotions. To go through all our bonus and promotions, please click here.

Q: Can I use a prepaid/gift card to deposit?
A: Yes, however, it will be considered as a regular credit or debit card transaction and the same procedure to validate it will be necessary.

Q: Can I deposit with a credit/ debit/ prepaid card if I had problems with an online deposit option in the past?
A: No, as per our agreement with our Credit/Debit card processor, we cannot process any credit, debit or prepaid cards transactions from customers which had previous issues with online processors in the past. Some Gift Cards may be accepted by the processors currently used, contact our Credit/Debit card Department via Live Chat for more details.

Q: Can I deposit with a $25 gift card?
A: No, the minimum amount to deposit with any type of card is $50.

Q: What should I do if I do not recognize a charge from a card I used with Sportbet?
A: Please refer to the automated email sent by the credit card deposit system. This confirmation email displays the descriptor of your successful deposit. In case you cannot find the email that corresponds to the deposit in question, kindly contact our Credit Card department via debit or prepaid cards transactions from customers which had previous issues with online processors in the past. Some Gift Cards may be accepted by the processors currently used, contact our Credit/Debit card Department via Live Chat prior processing any disputes or chargebacks.

Bitcoin Deposits and Payouts

Q: : I have $35000 available balance in my account. If I deposit the equivalent of $100 in Bitcoins, can I redeem the $35000 balance through Bitcoins?
A: : No. Customers not exclusively depositing with Bitcoins or that have not deposited with Bitcoins at all, are allowed one Bitcoin payout every 7 days for up to $5,000. Payouts via Bitcoins are available to all customers with the objective of converting our clients into Bitcoin exclusive depositors. Customers continuously requesting Bitcoin payouts and then deposit using other methods than Bitcoin, may be subject to the permanent removal of this payout method. Remember, Bitcoin payouts are free of charge but always subject to availability.

Q: I have no balance in my account. I deposit the equivalent of $100 in Bitcoins and won $35000, can I redeem the $35000 balance through Bitcoins?
A:  Yes. As long as you are a Bitcoin exclusive customer, the complete balance of $35000 may be redeemed though Bitcoins.

Incentives & Rewards

Q: Do you have any incentives or bonuses for joining?
A:  All accounts are defaulted to the Super Saver Bonus Program with a maximum limit of $500 per selection. There are Super Saver Bonus lines available in Football, Basketball, Hockey and other sports. If at any time (today, tomorrow, or next year) you feel you might want to switch to one of the other rewards options, simply contact Customer Support and let a representative know. However, by choosing any other bonus option, your Super Saver Bonus offerings will be eliminated. Visit our Bonus Page page to review details of all of the options.

Q: I’m a new customer from outside of America; can I claim a Free-Play Reward for my full deposit?
A:  $2000 is the maximum initial deposit amount allowed from customers to qualify for the Free Play Reward, the maximum Reward amount being $520.

Q: I play mostly in the casino do you offer a bonus program suited for me?
A:  Yes, our Casino Rebate Bonus Program offers up to 21% Rebate on your overall losses in all Sportbet Casinos.

Q: Which features are considered third party vendors?
A:  Third party vendors include: Grand Poker Room, Live Dealer tips, and Office Pools.


Cash Back Bonus

Q: As a customer from North America, are there restrictions for the use of my Cash Back rebate funds?
A:  No, you may use your funds in any manner you wish. You may even redeem the funds with no rollover requirement.

Q: I’m a customer from outside of America; can I be part of the Cash Back Bonus Program
A:  Yes, you can participate in the Cash Back Bonus Program. Remember, affiliate and cash back schemes will result in not only an account being eliminated from the program, but will also be responsible for fees incurred for all deposits and payouts being applied directly to the players account and/or the affiliates account.

Q: I've chosen to be on the Cash Back Bonus program. Can I still have full limits on Reduced Juice lines and get Free-Play bonuses on deposits?
A:  By choosing the Cash Back Bonus program, you are no longer eligible for any other Bonus Program. Sportbet Bonuses are exclusive and cannot be combined with any other program.

Q: Is there a minimum/maximum casino rebate/cash back amount that I can request?
A: Yes there is a minimum casino rebate/cash back amount of $2.50 (based on 5% of a $50 deposit lost). We reserve the right to raise casino rebate/cash back minimum amounts applied up to $50 or restrict awards to once per 30 days if an account is deemed to be overusing of any cash back or rebate reward program. There is no maximum cash back amount, if you are entitled a large amount of casino rebate/cash back, it will be undeniably applied. However, please take in consideration that some Cash Back Rewards, at managerial discretion, may be subject to rollover restrictions and/or be limited to a certain percentage amount if not requested within the defined periods. It is your responsibility to request your cash backs on time in order to make the most out of your rebate reward program.

Q: If I choose to take the 10% Cash Back rebate on a Tuesday, and then wait 30 days for my next cash back, will I qualify for the 15% cash back rebate by waiting 30 days?
A:  Yes, by waiting 30 days you would qualify for the 15% Cash Back rebate for play since your last rebate.

Q: If I accept a Cash Back in June, can I also qualify for the 20% cash back when the NFL preseason starts?
A: No. To qualify for the 20% Cash Back rebate, you must not receive a bonus or rebate in the entire period since the last 20% Cash Back rebate timeframe.

Q: It’s Tuesday and I received a Cash Back Bonus last Friday, do I qualify for a 10% Cash Back today?
A:  No. If you had a Cash Back in the past 6 days, you will not qualify for the 10% on Tuesdays. The 10% cash back rebate is limited to be requested on Tuesdays from 9:00am until 11:00pm ET ONLY and you can receive it if you haven’t been awarded with a Cash Back in 7 days or more.

Q: I received the 10% Cash Back last Tuesday. How can I get a higher percentage on my next rebate?
A:  You can receive the 15% Cash Back if you wait 30 days since your last Cash Back.

Q: I received a 5% Cash Back on my previous loses, if I wait 30 days for my next Cash Back, will these prior losses count towards the 15%?
A: No. Lost funds that have counted for a Cash Back Bonus will not be counted again in any future Cash Back rebates.

Q: How often may I request the Cash Back?
A: You may request your Cash Back as often as you want. However by requesting your Cash Back in advance, you give up the possibility of earning a higher Cash Back rebate percentage.

Q: Will my current and pending balance be taken into account for my next Cash Back?
A: Yes, those funds are carried towards the next Cash Back.

Q: If I transfer my Cash Back funds to my friend’s account, will he receive a bonus for this deposit?
A:  Yes. If your friend’s account and the amount transferred is eligible to receive a bonus, he may request it.

Q: Will my fees be counted towards the total deposit amount?
A:  No. Fees are not counted towards the total deposit amount.

Free-Play Bonus

Q: I made my initial deposit and requested my Free-Play Bonus. Where can I see my Bonus?
A:  To see the status of your Free Play Bonus, login to your Sportbet account, click on "Account" at the top of the screen and select "Bonus" from the drop down menu, there you will see the status of each of your Free-Play Bonus. The Free-Play Bonus system updates hourly. Once the wagering requirements are met it may take up to an hour for your Free-Play Bonus to become available for use.

Q: How do I earn my initial deposit Bonus?
A:  Initial deposit’s Bonus are earned in 10% increments. In the Bonus section of your account, you will see applied the full amount of the Bonus but divided in ten equal parts (ten small bonuses each for the same amount). You earn a 10% of your Bonus (one small bonus) every time you complete a ONE TIME rollover of your deposit, once you’ve wagered two times your deposit, a second small bonus will be awarded, & by the time you have completed the ten time rollover of your deposit, all the ten small bonuses will appear as awarded to your Free-Play balance.

Q: How do I earn my Reload Bonus?
A:  Reload Bonuses are earned in 20% increments. In the Bonuses section of your account, you will see applied the full amount of the Bonuses but divided in five equal parts (five small bonuses each for the same amount). You earn a 20% of your Bonuses (one small bonus) every time you complete a ONE TIME rollover of your deposit, once you’ve wagered two times your deposit, a second small bonus will be awarded, & by the time you have completed the five time rollover of your deposit, all the five small bonuses will appear as awarded to your Free-Play Balance.

Q: Are Free-Play Bonuses applied to my account automatically? Or do I have to request them?
A:  Free-Play Bonuses are manually approved & entered. There is a 24 hour time frame, after your deposit is captured, for you to request a Free-Play Bonuses to be applied to your account. We recommend for you to make your request before playing any of your funds in the Sportsbook, so all your bets will count towards the wagering requirements of your Bonus.

Q: Do I get a Free-Play Bonus for every deposit I make?
A: If your account is eligible, you can request for a Free-Play Bonus to be applied within the following 24 hour period after a deposit reaches your account. Eligible deposits must be between $100 and $2500. Keep in mind that once a redemption is placed, the withdrawn funds must be redeposited into your account before you can qualify again for a Reload Bonus.

Q: Is there a limit to how many reload bonuses I can get?
A:  No, there is no limit to how many reload bonuses our customers can receive. However, only deposits which do not bring the available balance plus pending balance above $2500 will qualify for a reload bonus.

8th Deposit ON THE HOUSE

Q: I withdrew on several occasions before November 4th, 2013 and have not redeposited the full amount withdrawn. Am I still eligible for this promotion?
A:  Yes, you are. Payouts made prior to the promotional period will not count towards the calculations of the 8th and 9th deposit "On the House"

Q: Since my last "On the House" deposit, I took a payout. Do my subsequent 7 deposits count for the 8th Deposit On the House?
A:  Your deposit count towards the 8th Deposit On the House will start with the first transaction that exceeds the amount redeemed. For example, if you cashed out $850 & have made 7 deposits for $100, $150, $100, $180, $100, $100, $200; your first eligible deposit towards the 8th Deposit On the House is the last one for only $80 of the $200 deposited amount. Now you need to make 6 more deposits to claim the promotion.

Q: I received my 8th deposit "On the House" recently and made a deposit before requesting my 9th deposit "On the House". Am I still eligible for the 9th deposit "On the House"?
A:  Yes, even if you make a deposit after your 8th deposit "On the House" you still qualify to receive the 9th deposit "On the House". As long as there has been no payouts since your 8th deposit "On the House" and all funds have been lost, you can request your 9th deposit on the house.

Q: After receiving an 8th deposit "On the House" promotion I requested a withdrawal. Am I eligible for another 8th deposit "On the House"? Or do I need to redeposit the withdrawn amount to be eligible for it?
A:  All funds withdrawn after receiving an 8th deposit "On the House" must be redeposited into the account in order to qualify again for another 8th and 9th deposit "On the House" promotion. Deposits made to cover the amount of the withdrawal will not count towards the calculation of upcoming 8th and 9th deposit "On the House" rewards.

Q: I already made more than 7 deposits since the beginning of the promotion but haven't requested. Can I still request the 8th and 9th deposits "On the House"?
A:  Yes, if you fulfill all the requirements for the promotion, you can sill request for the 8th deposit "On the House". When more than 7 deposits have been made, the deposits with the highest amounts will be the ones considered to calculate the reward.

Q: How many 8th and 9th deposits "On the House" can a customer receive?
A:  There is no limit on the amount of 8th and 9th deposits "On the House" applied to an account. A customer may receive the promotional award as many times as the account is eligible for it.

Q: I made several small deposits today and lost each one playing the same casino game. Is that considered "stacking" deposits?
A:  No, it isn't. As long as all funds are lost prior making another deposit, the deposits made will be eligible for the 8th deposit "On the House" calculation.

Betting Contest

Q: I made a real money wager for $27 in the sportsbook 23 hours AFTER starting my winning streak in the Betting Contest. If I reach the 5 consecutive wins, am I eligible for the $50 Free-Play?
A: A $27 real money wager DOES NOT make you eligible for the $50 Free-Play. Accounts not fulfilling the $50 requirement will receive a Free-Play for the amount of the highest real money wager posted within 24 hours of starting the winning streak. In this case, you would receive a $27 Free-Play which would be available to use in the Sportsbook Main.

Q: Will I be eligible to receive the full prize for the 10 consecutive wins at the Betting Contest if my qualifying real money wager within 24 hours of starting my streak was for less than $50?
A:  Yes, you would qualify to receive the $500 Valued Item. The only prize that would not be applied in full would be the one for 5 consecutive wins.

Customer Service and Wagering Call Centers

Q: Do all my deposit minimums have to be $50 in order to wager online?
A:  No, you may deposit as little as $25 with Bitcoins and enjoy all of our array of wagering and casino options right away!

Q: Will phone call center representatives provide me with scores during or after an event?
A:  No. The phone call center is for "wagering questions only". Customer service call centers are not responsible for providing game scores or game details, nor are they permitted to do so.

Q: How do I contact the manager?
A:  There is always a manager on duty to resolve any issues. Please use Live Chat , e-mail or call us toll-free at 1-800-430-5896 and request to speak to a manager.


Q: Can access to certain gaming features such as the casinos be blocked at my request?
A: Yes. Any feature can be blocked by going to our safe gambling option under my account.

Browsers & Mobile Devices

Q: Which Internet browser should I use?
A:  To maximize your playing experience at Sportbet Sportsbook & Casino we recommend using the most current version of your preferred Internet browser.

Q: Is Sportbet compatible with my mobile device?
A:  Yes, Sportbet is compatible with your smart mobile device.

The sportsbook has been optimized to work with most mobile devices.

Privacy & Security

Q: Do you sell my information?
A:  No. Your privacy and security are our top priority. We will not sell or share your information. For more information on our Privacy Policy, please click here.

Q What security measures have you implemented to keep my account safe from Cybercriminals data breaches and phishing attacks?
A:  We have improved your account Security Settings in search of creating a safer entertainment environment for our customers. By registering with us, you can be assured your account security is our number one priority. We are continuously working on securing your experience when enjoying our website?s features. Please help us maintain your account security by making sure you use of all the available tools to secure your account.

Q How do I change the personal information in my account?
A:  In order to change your personal information on file with us, a valid government issued identification and utility bill must be sent to with the update request, account number and 4-digit PIN. Please take in consideration only minor changes are allowed to first and last names. In certain instances, a selfie holding the ID could be required.

Still need an answer to your question?

We are here to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us via Live Chat or E-mail. We are here 24 hours a day to answer your questions.