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Finally, a truly immersive online casino experience has arrived with Sportbet Jackpot Casino!  The Jackpot Casino offers an array of the most amazing cinematic 3D games available online today.  The state-of-the-art true 3D graphics are like nothing you have ever seen before in an online casino – we are sure of it.  Pair the stunning graphics with provocative audio and intuitive gameplay and you have one of the most appealing online gaming experiences available. 

Get Started

Log into the Jackpot Casino using your Sportbet username and password. To start playing, you will need to transfer money from your Sportsbook account to your Jackpot Casino account. Simply click on the green "Transfer Funds" button at the top of the lobby. Type in the amount of money, and then click "Transfer Funds to Casino" or select "Transfer All Funds to Casino" to fund your Jackpot Casino account. Once you have successfully transferred funds, you will see your updated balances displayed at the top of the lobby.

From here, you will select the game you would like to play. You can choose from our 3D Slots, standard Slots, unique Games, Table Games and Video Poker. Select the "type" of game from the top of the lobby menu.? Then select the game from the game menu.

Once you have completed playing in the Jackpot Casino and would like to move your funds back to your main Sportsbook account, click on the green "Transfer Funds" button from the top of the lobby and choose to "Transfer Funds to Sportsbook". You can write in the specific amount, or choose to "Transfer All Funds to Sportsbook". After you have successfully moved your funds back to your Sportsbook account, you can play in the other areas of Sportbet.


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