Grid*Iron Slots Rules



Game Objective:

The object of Grid*Iron Slots is to win, of course, by matching the symbols into winning combinations on each line of play.  Grid*Iron is a 5-reel Slot Game paying up to 9 Lines.  Payouts are determined by symbol type and there matching sequence on the lines played.  See the Payout Table for your winning combinations.


How To Play

To begin playing, select a coin value by clicking or tapping on coin value button.  Coin values range from 0.25 cents - $5.00.  Then choose the number of lines you would like to play' Grid*Iron allows you to play up to 9 lines.

Once you've selected coin value & line amounts, simply Click or Tap 'SPIN' to start play.

If you don't select a coin value or line amount, default setting will be $1.00 / 5 lines.

By clicking or tapping SPIN, you have initiated play. You will see all 5 reels rotating, and then randomly coming to a stop.  The play will be graded immediately.  Any winning combinations found on any line will be paid instantaneously.  Your win amount will display in the WIN field at the top of the screen.

Get a 0.2% Volume Rebate on Rebate Grid*Iron Slot!
The 0.2% is calculated on all risked funds, meaning on all original bets, splits and double downs.

The 0.2% Volume Rebate will be applied at 3:20 AM ET daily and it will appear in your account as "Mini Grid*Iron Volume Rebate". The minimum rebate applied will be $0.01.

Rebate is not available on Vegas Solitaire, All or Nothing Solitaire, All or Nothing Klondike Strict Solitaire, Unlimited Vegas Solitaire, Klondike Strict, Options Blackjack, and Options Blackjack Enhanced.


Coin Value

Select a COIN VALUE amount by clicking or tapping on the COIN VALUE button.  Coin values will apply toward each line selected.  For example, if your coin value is $1.00 and you select 5 lines, the amount wagered on that spin will be $1.00 per line = $5.00 total.


Line Amounts

The amount of lines you wish to play are determined at the start.  Default setting is established at 5 lines.

Minimum line amount is 1 and Maximum line amount is 9.  Players may play between 1 and 9 lines. Coin value amounts selected will be paid toward each line selected.

Click or tap LINES to change the amount of lines you wish to play.  Lines will display each time you add another line.



The SPIN button activates the reels to spin and begins a play.  Before clicking or tapping SPIN, be sure to select your COIN VALUE and the amount of lines you want to play.  If you don't select a coin value or line amount, default settings will apply ($1.00 coin value / 5 lines).


Placing Bets

Select a Coin Value and the amount of lines you want to play.  Once those are selected click or tap SPIN to begin playing.  You will see your BET Amount at the top of the screen next to your Balance.


Bet Max

Selecting BET MAX will indicate you wish to bet Max Coin Value / Max Line Amount which equals $5.00 Coin Value on 9 lines, or $5.00 per 9 lines = $45.00.



Balance is displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen.  This will indicate your entire Available Balance.


Bet Amount

The Bet amount is displayed in the upper center part of the screen.  This amount indicates how much you have in play on that particular spin.


Win Amount

The WIN amount is displayed in the upper right-center part of the screen.  This amount indicates how much you won on that particular spin.



The Payouts table can be found by clicking or tapping the Payouts button found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  The Payouts table shows the winning combinations and how much is paid out per winning combination.



Options / Settings

The icon found next to Payouts is your Options or Settings button.  Clicking or tapping on this button will provide a screen that allows you to see the Rules / Help sections, and your Spin or Play History.


Free Spins

The Free Spins symbol may grant players a bonus round or set of Free Spins.  Also referred to as a 'Scatter' symbol, Free Spins will occur when the Free Spins symbol appears 3 times or more on a given line, triggering the bonus round or set of Free Spins.  Payouts within the bonus round or Free Spin session will be based on your previous wager or bet amount, using your most previous coin value and line selections.


If you have questions about the Mini BlackJack feature, please contact our Customer Service Department via Live Chat or call 1-800-430-5896.