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Sportbet now offers players two options when it comes to in game betting Sportbet Live In-Play Wagering and Live Betting Extra. Both offer a wide array of betting options throughout a wide array of events. The limits for Live In-Play Betting lines are $500.Get in the action, start betting in real-time today!


live in Play

Sportbet Live In-Play Wagering offers in-game betting on Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, UFC and more. Offers bets during commercial breaks on televised games. Find it in the Sportsbook Main on desktop and mobile platforms.

To find Live In-Play Wagering options, log into the Sportsbook and click on "Straight & Rif" from the left hand menu. If Live In-Play Wagering is available, listed under the specific sport as "Live In-Play".

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Offers a huge amount of live events, plus you can get a rebate on some of your bets.

Sports Betting Ultra Rebate
Sports Betting Ultra customers will receive a 2.941% rebate on their wager's true amount for winning and losing wagers on Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Soccer and Tennis. Push/tied or cancelled wagers do not qualify for a rebate. For example, on a $600 wager to win $100 on Tennis, you could earn a rebate of $2.94.

Sports Betting Ultra Rules
Sports Betting Ultra How to Play: Sports Betting Ultra


Live Betting Extra

*Football currently unavailable*

Live Betting Extra offers a variety of ways to wager during your favorite sporting events. Offers a huge amount of live bets on major and some unconventional sports.

Conveniently available on both your computer and mobile device, you can get in the action while on the go. Simply log into the Sportbet Sportsbook and click on "Live Betting Extra" from the Sportsbook drop down menu.

Live Betting Extra Rules.
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Sports Betting Prime offers live In-Game betting options for all major sports. Now for the first time you can bet live in-game on major e-Sports leagues. Includes Overwatch League, CS:GO Pro League, Dota Major Championships, League of Legends Championship Series and many others.

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Sports Betting Plus offers 2 platforms: The Pre-Match and Live Betting where you can easily change from, the Pre-Match, and the Live Betting. PreMatch Platform offers new features like Quick Links an easy access to the most important events for the day, check the variety of Sports listed under Events. On Live Betting you can mark your games, and this way have a fast access to them.

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