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To hide or show these Help Tips, click on the question mark on the far right of the navigation bar. To view your Balance, View Wagers, Fill Open Plays or Sign Out, click on your account menu in the right corner. Log into your Sportbet Sportsbook Account and select DynamicLines from the main menu. Within the top black navigation menu, you can choose which lines you would like to view.

Select the lines you want to be displayed by choosing from one of the following categories:

By Sport
The By Sport menu will drop down after you click on it.  Only sports that have events will be displayed to choose from.  You will also find Props (proposition wagers), Futures and Live In-Play (in gaming betting lines) options when they are available. 
Most Popular
This will display the most popular events ordered by how many wagers have been placed on them. 
Live In-Play
This will display lines for events that have started (in-play).  If no events are in-play, please choose another option from the black navigation menu. 
About To Go Off 
This will display lines that are schedule to go off within the next 30 minutes.  Staying on this category, you will have a 30-minute window throughout the day.  The event header shows how long a line has to go off.  Once a line is within a minute it switches to "Soon". 
You can also use the "Search" function to search by team name.

The Lines Bar

You can further change your lines displayed from this Lines Bar.  After your lines are displayed, you can filter by Period or by Scheduled (time) by clicking on the selected period or schedule.

The following buttons will stay on your selection when you switch different line categories:

Alternate Lines
Alt - Include displaying alternate lines (if the event has them).

Relative Lines
Rel - Include displaying relative lines (if the event has them). Relative lines are futures and props, so if you are viewing the weekend game lines, their odds to win superbowl and props will appear under the game line. Relative lines are disabled in the About To Go Off category.

Lines Money Format
US - Switch from viewing money format in US moneyline or EU decimal. Button displays the current format.

Reset Lines Colors
Reset - This button clears any updated lines colors back to their default.

The Wager Well

You can change your type of wager at any time, by clicking on the current type of wager you are on.

Straight Wager
Create a straight wager by selecting the line you wish.  Create more than one straight wager at a time by unchecking One Click.
Parlay Wager
To create an Open Parlay, enter the number of Open Spots after making at least one selection.  To make a Round Robin wager, click on Round Robins after making at least 3 selections.
Teaser Wagers
Teaser Wagers (including Pleaser, Progressive, MultiChance) will show you the line and the teased line (except Progressive Parlay and MultiChance Parlay which have no teaser points). 

Click on the to see a teaser's payouts.  Teasers are only for football and basketball, so if you are on a lines category that does not have either sport, you will not see any lines.

To create an Open Teaser, enter the number of Open Spots after making at least one selection.  To make a Round Robin wager, click on Round Robins after making 3 selections.  After selecting one of these wager types, there are 4 other possible options (which will change the teasers payouts):

Points - Points selected are NFL Football sides, others' may vary and will be shown in the with teased lines.
Ties - Some teasers allow you to choose if you wish ties to count as a Win, or not count as a win (Reduce or Miss).
Progressive Types - Progressives have different types that change the payouts.  Click to see Payout chart and number of correct needed to win.
Miss - MultiChances allow you to choose how many incorrect still wins.

If Bet Wagers
Select your If Win Only or If Win or Push wager.  Then make your selections in the order you want the If Bet.
Action Reverse Wagers
Make 2 selections for an Action Reverse.  Make more than 2 for an Action Reverse Bird Cage.

Select amount to win/risk on your preferred wager.

Review your bet, make sure this is the selection and amount you want and click on te Submit Wager button.

You selected wager is now saved in your account.