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betting contest

Our Betting Contest is completely free of charge and available to all Sportbet players.

The Betting Contest has two objectives, one is to build a streak of consecutive winning picks on specific events to collect a Betting Streak prize when reaching a paying position; and the other is to achieve the highest scoring Betting Streak on the monthly Leader board to collect the Betting Streak Contest Monthly Prize.

Betting Streak prizes are applied to eligible accounts for streaks of 5, 10, 15 and 25 consecutive winning picks

Build the longest winning streak of the month and win the Betting Contest Monthly Prize.

Take your winning streak to the extreme with 25 consecutive correct selections and win a $2500 CASH prize!

Please read thoroughly the rules below before you start playing.

betting contest


How to Play

Login to your sports account and click on Betting Contest from the left side menu.

Create a screen name and proceed to click on “Create”.

To begin with, CHECK YOUR PRIZE ELIGIBILITY! In order to receive a Betting Streak Prize, you must have Sportsbook activity within 24 hours of winning the first Betting Streak selection.

Each day, you must choose one pick you believe will win from the list of offered on the “Today’s Pick” tab.

Click on the “Today's Pick” tab to see the games or events available for the day.

All events available on the “Today’s Pick” tab are scheduled for the same day and will be graded after the last event is over.

Only one selection per account per day is allowed. Once your match is graded, the following day you can make your next pick.

If your selection is a winner, you will receive one point towards your streak total score.  If you fail to make a pick within 7 days of your previous winning selection, your streak will reset to zero.

Once your Betting Streak reaches a paying position, you will be awarded a prize according the milestone achieved.